Earth, or more often referred to as cliffs, are the most beautiful objects to jump but are arguably the most dangerous. Cliff jumps give the BASE jumper the greatest opportunity to harmonize with nature and gain a real appreciation for the world around us but the BASE jumper must have all their skills finely tuned before jumping.

The earth jump, depending on object height and geometry, typically present the most danger of a striking the object after the parachute opens which typically results in the parachute collapsing and the BASE jumper falling to their death. The BASE jumper has to insure their sub-terminal tracking skills are superb to allow them to "fly" as far away from the object as possible before deploying the parachute (when the object height permits) to give them time to safely correct the parachute if an "off-heading" opening occurs.

Or on lower cliffs, the BASE jumper must be prepared to, in the event of an off heading opening, immediately start taking evasive action to avoid striking the object.

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