Quest for is a resource for the X sports enthusiast to share in the experience of BASE jumping and all the doors the sport opens.

The “Quest for BASE” is a quest that most mere mortals find so unbelievable, so outrageous that only the most courageous and fearless would undertake and only highly skilled parachutists with superior training could survive.

BASE is an acronym stands for Building, Antenna, Span (Bridge), and Earth (Cliff) and the successful completion of a parachute jump from each.

In order to successfully complete any one “quest” an individual must display: An incredible amount of skill to safely exit from the object, maintain a stable flight, and to negotiate a safe parachute landing; An enormous amount of physical strength and stamina to successfully climb some of the objects; And a sense of innovation, intuition, and sometimes deception must be honed in order to gain access to some of these objects because BASE-jumping, with the exception of a few sites, is consider illegal. A matter that several organizations lobby to correct but until then we will take the risks required to pursue the sport we love...BASE!

Please enjoy the stories, videos, and pictures from our adventures and please keep in mind that we are highly trained professionals and these stunts should not be attempted with out the guidance of an expert.