BASE Resume/Experience

Anthony "Donk" DiCola is veteran skydiver with thousands of skydives (military and civilian) since 1987 and hundreds of BASE-jumps since 2000.

BASE experience highlights: Royal Gorge Go Fast Games, The Cave of the Swallows in Mexico, and The Eiger in Switzerland. New River Gorge Bridge Day Staff: 2002 – 2008

A complete resume is available upon request.

(all photo, video, and published credits included)

Event Productions:

Bridge Day Video Festival Coordinator and Host  (2003 – 2008).

Midwest Fight Night (MMA) Video Production  (2005 – 2007)

Awards and Recognition:
World record Span 19 way jump - Twin Falls, Idaho
World record Earth 11 way birdman flock - Norway
Banff Film Festival Finalist - Cinclus Vision Video
Bridge Day Film Festival Runner-up - Cinclus Vision Video